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I've had the priviledge of interviewing some wonderful and entertaining wrestling performers. I encourage you to check out these interviews to learn more about these great people and enjoy their perspectives on the world of professional wrestling.
Recent Interviews
Jack Swagger
Bobby Fulton
Assassin Joe Hamilton
Wildfire Tommy Rich
UCW Owner Ron Gossett
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
Mr. USA Tony Atlas
Steve Armstrong
Hurricane Helms
Alberto Del Rio
Jessie Belle


There have been many wrestlers that we loved to cheer and who we loved to boo over the years who have passed on. Click the button below to see a list of the wrestling greats who have passed away.
Learn more about the prestigious history surrounding the WWE Championships
Have you ever wondered who the person was under the mask? Now you can find out!
Deceased Wrestlers
Championship Histories
Masked Wrestlers

Who is the greatest tag team of all time? The fans voted on this 64 team field of tag teams and a winner was established! Click the link below to find out who the fans feel is "The Greatest Tag Team" in Professional Wrestling history.
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There are many talented independent wrestlers in the world. Click on the icons of these fantastic wrestling promotions to learn more about these great Superstars.

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